Friday, October 25, 2013

There is no place like home!


The drive home was smooth with very little traffic, and I got home just in time for my hair appointment. 

My Welcome Home Celebration was wonderful!  Of course my sweetheart met me at the door with a glass of champagne and it was such fun slowly going through the house and being SHOCKED at the changes!

Best surprise of all ... the cabinets are IN!  Dennis didn't quite tell me the truth about the install as he wanted to surprise me.  And surprised I was!  We even have the washer and dryer hooked up!  So here I am again, back at my desk, in my empty office.  Of course the walls are blank, the furniture is covered, and we have no countertops, but it's still home.  It will probably be another month before we start moving back in. 

Mr. Muggins seemed to be mad at me when I first arrived ~ it took him awhile to warm up to me.  But he did sleep with us last night and it was VERY COZY in The Arizona Room. 

So here we go on my first day back in THIS reality.  I'm grateful that it's Friday so I have 3 days to get regrouped before the new week starts (and my yoga class on Monday at 2:15!).  I definitely need to take some time this weekend to figure out my yoga class and how I'm going to slowly incorporate what I've learned into my class.  I don't want to blow everyone away by doing too much, too quickly.  AND, I don't want to blow myself away trying to get everything here done quickly and mindlessly.  Life is a process ~ and I want to stay aware in The Now and ENJOY the Journey.  It was easier to do that during the training, and I know the rest test of my newly gained inspiration happens now. 

I do intend to keep this blog going so I can share many of the yogic concepts that I learned in my training, and to share other health-related information.  So I hope you'll retain your subscription to my blog and share it with the people in your world. 

It has been a true joy being able to share my experience with you. 

Carpe Momento and THANK YOU.


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