Monday, October 28, 2013

Remodel Update as of Oct 28 2013

My first Monday back at home AND my first post-training Yoga Class today.  I felt SO welcomed by the Monday students, with hugs all around.  I really am involved with THE BEST Yoga Community anywhere and I am so grateful!  Thank you to everyone.

But most of the e-mails I'm receiving are asking about the remodel.  So here we go ...

First of all ... the King of our house, Mr. Muggins. 
We put this part of our wrap-around sofa back in place
so WE'D have a place to sit and read. 
But as you can see, Mr. Muggins has claimed it as his own.

This is our main living space ~ The Arizona Room ~
with the aero-bed on top of the hide-a-bed.
than it looks in this picture!
AND amazingly comfortable. 
This is also Dennis' main working space.

But he also has access to his NORMAL office,
which is really good,
because he's had lots of client work!
Here he is setting up a new computer for a wonderful client ~

This is my office, aka Our Guest Room.
It's a great place to do yoga right now
because there is no bed!

This is our living room ~
with everything gone except for the couch, which is covered.
See Muggins in the corner?
Through the sliding doors is our Arizona Room.
This is our master bedroom.
Yes ~ our real bed is under all of that plastic.
The door goes out to our Arizona Room.

Here's our guest bathroom shower.
This is where I do my oil and salt cold shower in the AM.

And the master shower ~ LOVE THIS ENHANCEMENT.
I'm standing in the south part of the shower,
shooting back towards the sink area.
Here is our kitchen-to-be
once we get counter tops, fixtures, and appliances.

And our garage ~
where our entire house is packed and waiting to move back in,
and where we cook and have a sink.


So as you can see, we're certainly NOT SUFFERING.  As I look at the pictures myself, I feel pretty darn blessed. 
"Home Camping" ~ maybe it will become a new trend!

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