Sunday, October 13, 2013

3 weeks down ~ and the training is heating up!

I find myself at another Sunday night, all prepped for bed and ready to shut down my laptop for another week.  Am I really going into my final full week already?

Beginning last week, the focus changed from getting us "clean" in body, mind, and spirit to now turning us into Yoga Teachers.  When we do our 3.5 hours of asana practice in the morning (from 8:30 to noon), we are being called on, without warning, to lead the class through a pose.  Even though I have been leading classes for a year and a half, their approach to each pose is very different than what I've been doing, so it does make my heart speed up when I hear my name.  Gratefully, the space is very safe and supportive and this week I am going to BREATHE and just go with it when I hear my name. 

We also began, with notice, leading sun salutations each day.  We've been divided into 3 groups, and each day one group leads the practice.  To build on this, now each group has been assigned a 35 minute Asana Practice and our group goes first tomorrow!  I fact, I PERSONALLY go first tomorrow! 

So here was my Sunday morning ~ up early, showered, and working on my part of the asana until 12:30PM.  I worked at Kim's dining room table so I could really spread out ~

But don't cry for me ... look at the view I had!


I am learning so much about myself during this process ~ how to live with discipline and be independent (I love Dennis very much but he DOES spoil me!),  being brave physically (hiking up scary rock places), understanding my personality and how it drives my choices, learning about healthier food choices and how to prepare them, learning about chants and mantras and planets, and most of all discovering, once again, the depth of my spirituality.  This process IS deeply changing me, much like our Grand Canyon River Rafting trip did back in May.  In fact, 5 months ago right now we were experiencing the first night from our cot, gazing at a million stars and listening to the roar of the River.  

I guess this year, my 60th year, is my time to transform. 

I spoke with Dennis today and he's going through his own learning process while transforming our home.  Of course there are issues, and I am so grateful he's there constantly to handle them.  Who knows how the project would turn out if he wasn't staying on top of all of the contractors.  The good news ~ by the time I get home next Thursday (not this week, but next), we just MIGHT have a working shower!  The remodel will be FAR from done, but if we can take a shower and possibly get the washer and dryer hooked up again, we'll be much happier campers living in the Arizona Room.

So off to bed I go.  Let's all stay in our Heart and In The Moment this week ~

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