Friday, October 18, 2013

Magical Friday Full Moon

Today was such a special day ~ our last full day completely immersed in the training.   Of course I have mixed emotions .... on one hand I am ready to go home, but on the other hand, I don't want to let this go.  Such is life, eh?

We did our last Sadhana with Jeff at 4:50AM.  No more neti pot, eye washing, and gum massaging with oil and salt, while squatting in the cold and windy morning darkness.  Our practice today (until breakfast at 7AM) was another Transformational Yoga Practice.  Thankfully, this time he didn't make us hold cobra for 10 minutes, but instead incorporated other not-quite-as-difficult poses (thank you!).  But we did finish the practice with full-on dancing which brings me such joy!  Our Sadhana practice is definitely a part of this experience which I will always treasure, and I intend to create my own daily Sadhana practice when I return home.

We took another lovely hike today ~ this time to the top of  Sugarloaf.  It was a much easier hike with another beautiful view.  It was a gorgeous day, so we took the opportunity to have a review class at the top.  We always begin and end our classes with at least an Om, and I've discovered that I especially love to chant outside. 

Since we were running a little late getting back to the Center, we took an early break and then reunited again this evening for a Fire Ceremony and mantra at sunset called Agnihotra.  I actually found a very good description of it at this website ~  

Here are some images of our ceremony ~

Shrada is the founder of Seven Centers

After this we went into the yurt and I was SO SURPRISED to be greeted by this scene ~
Shrada had created a beautiful atmosphere in the yurt to discuss Vedic mythology.  She told stories of the Gods and Goddesses, she shared her experiences while visiting temples in India, and we chanted to the various deities that we discussed. 
To wrap up the session, while Shrada burned slips of paper with names of loved ones that we wanted to pray for, we chanted 33 names of The Divine Mother and threw rose petals into the center altar. 
Knowing that we were doing this under the Full Moon (the moon actually represents Mother), made the experience very memorable.  I was touched.
I had 2 more magical moments today that made this day so special.  The Center has 2 resident cats, one of which is quite friendly and frequently joins us during our class work.  In the entire 4 weeks, Lionheart has never come to me and cuddled in my lap.  Well, today he did.  I was so happy that I began to cry!  And of course it REALLY made me miss Mr. Muggins. 
My other magical moment today was coming home and finding a package in my bathroom.  A dear friend had sent me a beautiful card and a gorgeous amethyst bracelet.   I was so surprised and honored by such a lovely gift. 
So I go to bed now with a very happy heart. 


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