Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Planets are Lining Up!

Today (Wednesday) just FLEW by.  Time is really speeding up now that we're getting to the end. 

Since the students are teaching the yoga practice in the morning, we're all getting very comfortable in the role.  I didn't have to teach anything today, but I will tomorrow morning.  In fact, I can't stay here long because I need to get ready for bed and then do some research and class prep.

But I did want to share about our hike today.  I can't remember the name of where we were, but WE WERE UP THERE!  We had to scramble up some pretty steep and slippery slopes, but we all made it both up AND down.  It was worth it ~ WHAT A VIEW.  Yes, that is Bell Rock way out there. 

We made it back to the Center a little late, so we skipped Yoga Nidra and went right into our session with the Vedic Astrologer.  VERY INTERESTING.  It was quite a "coincidence" ~ Deborah, the Astrologer is exactly 16 days younger than I am.  It also appears that I am right in the midst of a very powerful time which is greatly supporting me in moving forward in a strong spiritual way.  The planets are also offering great discipline for me at this time.  Deborah said to me that now is the time to BE COURAGEOUS.    NO WONDER I chose to do this training right now! 

The icing on the cake was coming home and having my roommate, Kim, wanting to immediately show me a YouTube by a friend of hers who is an astrologer himself.  We watched his forecast for this coming week and WOW!  It is more of the same message that I'm hearing over and over again.   

If you can take a few moments, I high recommend you listen to Tom and hear what is happening for ALL of us during this time ~ INCLUDING a full moon tomorrow, and an ECLIPSE Friday night.  Tom has an excellent way of getting his point across and he'll make you smile in the process.

I think it is so magical that no matter where any of us are on the planet, we all can see and experience the same full moon and eclipse. 

We are all in this life together, and we ARE connected.


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