Saturday, October 5, 2013

October = RESET

I was already in bed, getting very sleepy, when I remembered that I hadn't yet read the October Forecast from The Power Path.

I just now read it and WOW!  The theme of the month is ...

"There are two faces to this month's theme. The first one is the deconstruction, dissolving, taking offline, shutting down, turning off, letting go, letting down, and allowing things to fall apart.

The second is the re-booting, turning on, flipping the switch, restarting, reconstructing, solidifying, bringing online, resetting and refocus."

Speaking personally, Dennis and I are certainly in Reset mode, and I have a feeling that many of our friends are ready to be in the same mode themselves. 

I invite you to take just a few moments to click the link below and read about this very powerful time.  Reset yourself before it's done for you.


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