Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mid-October Update regarding RESET

I just made another post this evening (see below), but I wanted to add this.  This message from The Power Path describes EXACTLY how I feel ~

"This is a reminder about the opportunities this month to make deep and permanent change by allowing things that are already showing signs of disintegrating to really fall apart and go into the void and out of existence. If you feel despairing about this process it is only natural as the mind cannot conceive of the creativity that lies just beyond. It only knows to focus on what is being "lost" or "being failed".

We are headed towards an eclipse and full moon on Thursday (update to follow) and it would be a great time to just simply observe in your life what is shifting around. Often your intentions of raising the quality of your life will show up by removing that which you have putting up with. So don't be surprised if something you own gives up the ghost forcing you to replace it with a new and better model. Remember the mantra for this time "where one door closes another opens". And when all else fails, give it over to spirit. Don't take things personally and watch your projections by not taking things out on others."


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