Saturday, September 21, 2013

The EVE of the Equinox!

You know how I LOVE the Eve of any special day (thank you, Mom), and today is no exception.

The Fall Equinox is Sunday, September 22 at 2:44 PM Mountain Daylight Time. The equinox is always a time to revisit your intentions as well as to be in gratitude for your harvest whatever it may be. Acknowledge all that you have at this time and focus on the abundance of the harvest rather than any lack.  The equinox is also a time to think about cleaning, pruning, and making any changes that you are inspired to make as a way to make more space for what you want. It is a time for expansion, freedom and commitment. Take some time to ritualize change. Honor the change of season and use the energy of the fall equinox support the release of any burden you may have been carrying for someone else. Put it down once and for all.

Today's Eve is PERFECT timing for both Dennis and me ...

  • Today, ALL of our furniture in our home gets moved and ready for tear out, which starts on Monday AM
  • Today, I start my Yoga Teacher Training at 9AM

All good thoughts to you for a WONDERFUL EVE in your world.

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