Sunday, September 22, 2013

I signed up for WHAT?

OK ~ I've done a cleanse before.  You drink the tea at night, take some pills during the day, and drink lots of water.  But today's "experience" had me both scared, yet open to try.  So I took a big breathe, reminded myself that it was too late to turn back, and dove in.

Yes, Callie ~ I have now done a neti pot.  And you were right, it wasn't bad at all.  Of course I had a little trepidation due to breaking my nose in July, but thank God, that salt water flowed right in one nostril and out the other beautifully!  And both ways!  Squatting down in the rocks is not so bad (not allowed to sit on a step or a rock ~ heaven forbid!)  But I wasn't done yet ... then there are the sharp exhales out of each nostril to get all that stuff out of my sinuses.  And then we stand up and do strong forward bends with our arms swinging between our legs (Jeff calls it "snot throwing") that made me feel a little silly.  And because all that snot can't be out YET, we do the Funky Chicken ... bend over with a flat back and forcefully exhale and slap our elbows into our ribs.  I wasn't looking at any of the other 14 students squatting in the rocks right around me, blowing snot out of their noses, but I can only imagine they looked and felt the same way I did.  Somehow that made it easier to handle.

Next cleanse is the eye wash.  Fill a small eye cup with salt water, squat again, put the cup against your eye while looking down, and bring your head up.  50 blinks on each side while your eyeball is splashing around in the water.  Not so bad.

But the 3rd one ... put a big pile of salt in your palm and drown it in sesame oil.  Make a paste, and yes sir, squat again.  This time you rub that salty/sesame paste onto your gums.  Top and bottom both sides.  And SPIT!

So I'm thinking that's great ~ I got that done.  Well get this.  WE WILL DO THIS EVERY MORNING AT 5AM after our morning chant.  Out in the dark!  And maybe in the cold because a storm is blowing through!  And this starts tomorrow and we do it EVERYDAY.

So ~ when you wake up tomorrow and don't want to go to work, feel blessed that you're not squatting in the rocks, in the dark, blowing snot out of your nose.

Namaste ~


  1. OMG girlfriend! You had me (and David) rolling on the floor with this one! Oh, wow. I too have my morning ritual, which starts with warm lemon water and honey, but nothing like what you describe! I do hope you continue to post because this is just to unreal to read. I can't even imagine what it's like for you. A life-changer for sure! Debra

  2. And the funniest thing of all ~ in only 5 days, I have grown to LOVE IT. The peaceful time while driving at 4:30AM, meditating and chanting in a darkened room, going through the cleanses, and then doing asana for 90 minutes while I watch the morning light fill the room ... is so inspiring. An Ayurvedic breakfast after that tastes like HEAVEN!