Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday afternoon final preparation

We were all asked to return to the Center this afternoon for a private "interview" with the faculty.  It was a tad bit intimidating walking into the yurt and seeing 8 people sitting in a circle waiting for my arrival. 

We talked for about 10 minutes regarding my Intake Form where I had to answer all sorts of personal questions about my life.  We discussed the breast cancer (briefly), my thyroid medication, my excessive habits, and then we went onto the IMPORTANT subject ... my constant connectivity.  Really?  Come on, I only have a laptop, tablet, and smart Phone with me.  What's the problem?

So ... they have now REALLY STRONGLY ENCOURAGED me to put it all away for this process.  We even laughed about my bad handwriting and what good is writing a journal if I can't read it later? 

So ... this IS my sign off for now.  My next free day will be Sunday afternoon after another cleanse.  They say it's a surprise.  Yeah, right.  Anyway, I am going to follow my own advice and CARPE MOMENTO and just see how I feel each moment.  Maybe after a grueling week of cleansing and training, I might just want to come home and go to bed.  WHO KNOWS?

Just know that while I'm going through this amazing experience, I can FEEL YOU supporting me.  And that is more valuable than ANY piece of technology.

With Love,

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