Saturday, September 21, 2013

Orientation Day

It was with a little nervousness but much excitement that I woke up early on this first Saturday morning in Sedona.  My bedroom is so lovely as it has a large, uncovered window which looks out at almost ground level to a very private backyard.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but the sunrise was very pretty this morning.

Of course the first morning of anything is disorienting ~ but I made it out the door and managed the only THREE MINUTE drive to the Center.  I was VERY surprised to walk in and see a large group of people sitting in a circle in the yoga room.  As much as I was hoping for a small group, we are 15 strong, including 3 men.  Since today was all about getting oriented, we also introduced ourselves.  We have one man from Mexico, a woman from Canada, and 3 of us from Tucson!  The reasons for attending are varied ~ 3 women are turning 50 and looking to reinvent themselves.  Yes, I believe I am the oldest one there and the only one who is currently "leading" yoga classes.

We received our Training Manual and textbook (YIKES!) and more information than my reeling head could handle.  I took notes like crazy and tried to find a comfortable position on the floor.  As far as I can tell, all 4 weeks will be spent sitting on the floor.  NOW I know why we'll be using Indian blankets when I return to our classes!

We took a lunch break and I picked up my favorite veggie wrap from Subway and of course had to check out Bealls and a GIANT Goodwill!  I'll be back there again, for sure, on my day off.

In the afternoon, our Ayurvedic Chef started her lecture on Ayurveda.  I AM CONFUSED about this, but I can tell that everyone else is, too.  What I DID understand is the importance of doing a Daily Routine, or what is called "Dinacharya", in both the morning and evening.  As I write this, I am fresh out of a hot bath and covered in Sesame Oil.  My skin must be pretty hydrated because it's not soaking up very quickly!  Of course I had to Google Dinacharya and I see that this is just like anything else ... THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO CREATE A ROUTINE.  After some searching, it made sense to me to consider the more thorough routine outlined at The Ayurvedic Institute ~

The importance of a Daily Routine is not a stretch for me at all.  My current routine is to lay in bed and check my cellphone first thing ~ ha ha, but it's true.  Mostly, this Daily Routine reminds me of my Mom.  She ALWAYS took night showers and had a very strong routine in her mornings and evenings.  Mom, I hope you're watching me now. 

We need to arrive an hour earlier tomorrow (Sunday), as we have yoga class from 8AM to 9:45.  Then an introduction to Sadhana and Karma Yoga, and then we're done at noon.  Oh, except for individual interviews with the staff in the afternoon.

So tomorrow I will do my final business work and communication on my computer and cellphone.  They are REALLY ENCOURAGING complete disconnect, and knowing that my day AT the Center will be from 4:50AM to 7:30PM Monday thru Saturday, then the decision about this blog may already be made by my body.  We'll just have to see.

Sleep tight. 

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