Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Blue Room

Here we all are .... another year older (if we're so lucky) .... celebrating another New Years Eve and Day.  How can it be a year already?  My dear friend, Cindy Rabbitt, reminded me that I wrote a post as 2013 turned into 2014 which I didn't even REMEMBER.  Maybe turning 60 eight months ago is affecting my brain cells .... or maybe I'm just too busy .... or maybe I'm not busy enough.  So many questions, so few answers.
The only thing I am very aware of today is the ticking of the clock .... tick tock, tick tock .... TIME IS MOVING ON.  And oh good Lord .... Facebook and Words with Friends .... WHAT A TIME SUCKER!!!

But I digress from what I want to share today, as we release the old and move forward into The New Year.  I want to share a powerful practice of Release and Forgiveness.  It's called The Blue Room.
The Blue Room is a safe place where you can have a conversation with a person in your life, whether living or deceased, where you feel the energy needs to be cleared, exchanged or rebalanced.  It works very well with any relationship where you suspect old, karmic ties may be influencing your relationship.  Personally, I believe MOST relationships have some sort of karmic pull, and The Blue Room allows a safe space for making peace.  Since many of us are here to finish and release old business, possibly all of our close family, friends, and work relationships have some sort of karmic energy affecting us. 
The nice thing about this meditation is that it is not about cutting cords or ties, but instead it functions as an energy exchange and rebalancer.  Many times we don’t want people completely out of our lives, but we want to love them NOW, without all of the past life craziness.  The Blue Room allows this to happen in a graceful and gentle way. 

As we release 2014 and move into 2015,
I invite you to experience The Blue Room ...

Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths.  Imagine yourself in a room FILLED with all blue things.  Blue floor, blue ceiling, blue walls, blue furniture.  You are enveloped in blue.  You see a blue sofa and you walk over to it and have a seat.  You lean back comfortably, and again take 3 deep breaths. 

Now tune into whomever you want to invite into the room and welcome them to join you on the blue sofa.  See them walk through the blue door and walk over to you on the sofa.     Invite them to sit with you.  See them in your mind's eye; every detail of them.

Now calmly and sincerely explain to them
why you feel you were hurt, and how painful it was or still is.
  Explain how much it’s affected you.  Take a deep breath, and look them directly in the eyes.  Say whatever is on your heart, both good and bad.  This is your time to speak honesty.  Listen to their response.   
Tell them that your intention is to live in balance with them from now on.  Tell them that you forgive them and wish them well.  Ask for an apology, and accept it.  Know that your Higher Self is interacting with their Higher Self,
and that we all want to be Loved.   
Tell them that you will be reclaiming any karmic energy of yours that has seeped into their being, and that you will be returning any karmic energy of theirs that has seeped into yours.  Perform the exchange and know that in doing so, you are ACTUALLY changing and rebalancing the relationship “in real life”.   
When you are done, you may hug the person or just let them go.  Whatever needs to happen will happen.  Follow your feelings.
Watch the person leave the room, through the blue door.  Feel free to invite another person into The Blue Room and welcome them to join you on the sofa.  Repeat the process until you have no one else you feel drawn to invite.
When you are ready to leave The Blue Room,
rise from the sofa and walk to the blue door.
  Gently open the door and step back into this reality.  Take 3 deep breaths and open your eyes.

  MAY EACH OF US  enjoy a very
Honest, Heartfelt, and Loving 2015.

Happy ReNew Year!

^ * ^ * ^ *  I love you, my Angel friend, Terry French, for introducing me to The Blue Room many years ago. 
Fly high and fly free! ^ * ^ * ^ *

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