Friday, October 8, 2010

The Beginning ...

I AM sure you've seen or heard the expression "Carpe Diem." I once gave a coffee mug to my Mother where "Carpe Diem" cleverly revealed itself when the heat of the coffee warmed the cup. I've also seen it on tee-shirts, greeting cards, key chains ... suffice it to say, its been around. In case you don't know, Carpe Diem is Latin for "Seize the Day." But you know what I say? FORGET IT!!

Maybe 40 years ago this philosophy made sense. Geez, 40 years ago time moved much slower, and a day seemed like a reasonable period of time to seize. But what does a day mean in today's terms? To me, a day seems to last only a matter of minutes!

How can I possibly "Seize the Day" when I have to continuously juggle my calendar to accomplish the scores of things I have to do, and the many more that I want to do? If I try to just "Seize the Day", I get so wrapped up in making it a productive day, that I miss the joy of each of the moments that make up the day.

After all, there should be great joy in the journey, not only in the destination.

I also catch myself wasting precious time worrying about some future moment. What usually happens to me is that I'll worry about something, then circumstances will change, and then the object of my concern doesn't even exist anymore! In the meantime, priceless moments, which I could have savored, have been forever lost. And the hours and the days fly by.

So I say, FORGET Carpe Diem! Instead, I suggest CARPE MOMENTO! "Seizing the Moment" makes much more sense to me since the moment is all we really have. Think about it ... the only real guarantee that we have is that we are alive AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Period ... that's it. Now, with that truth in mind, does it make sense to worry about the future -- or the past? Isn't it reasonable to accept that if we take care of each moment as it comes, all of the following moments will take care of themselves?

Living In The Now. Have you tried it? Have you ever really stopped EVERYTHING and just felt your heart beating and your breath in your chest? Feel your big toe ... listen to all of the sounds in the room around you ... what do you smell? ... look in every corner of the room ... what taste is in your mouth? Seize This Moment because this combination of time and space will never happen just like this again. You know what I mean -- have you ever had a great experience and then tried to repeat it? It's NEVER the same; maybe it's better and maybe it's worse. But it's never the same.

Why are we wasting all of the moments of our life?

Think of how different life would feel if you lived in The Now. I call that perception Super-Consciousness, and when I practice it, I am overcome with a joy and thankfulness for my life, my blessings, and my limitless possibilities. The feeling is a "high" unlike any other.

So I say, FORGET Carpe Diem. Give yourself the gift of CARPE MOMENTO instead! And do it ... RIGHT NOW!


April 1994

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